Microsoft is taking a one step ahead in the ahead in the gaming zone with their latest releases in XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade).

XBLA is a gaming distribution which can be downloaded and played. It is available in Xbox Live Marketplace section and  comprises of arcade games which can be downloaded for Xbox 360.

These games are developed by some of the well known publishes and freelance developers. XBLA lists some of wonderful games in arcade genre. All these services will come in different prices ranging from $5 to $20.

Xbox Live Marketplace was previously known as “Xbox Live Arcade” until the Xbox 360 came into the market.

This service came into the market in 12th May, 2004 and it was released with almost 27 original games in different genres. The project mainly designed to compete with Sony Playsatation and Nintendo, who are currently the major market players in the gaming console and device developments. Microsoft spotted over three million download till March 2006 and by January 2007 it crossed over 20 million. Now they are expecting it to grow more than 45 million downloads. It seems a big figure and with current strategy Microsoft can definitely achieve this number.

Microsoft has a policy to remove obsolete software and applications from it marketing plans and from any other place where it can be views by users. The same policy is also applied in XBLA and Microsoft’s game development, company has already disclosed that it will remove games from the list which are older than 6 months of period. All such games which are eligible for removal will not be available for any users and cannot be purchased.

These policies also encourages to release latest games and in the fashion Microsoft is set to reveal the latest XBLA release which can take place in October and November 2010.

All these games will be based on classic arcade genres and will be available to download very soon.

Although it is impossible to gaze what will be pricing and other aspects of the games as Microsoft always keep this as a top secret until the final release but these games can be marked as new change in Xbox Live Marketplace.

Microsoft has disclosed some of the major games which are to be released under the “The Game Feast” concept and some of the game details are mentioned below.

Pinball FX2 which is available for free download and can be termed as a successor of Pinball FX. All the tables in the games have to be purchased individually. There is one more important release; Super Meat Boy which has brand new arenas, more than 100 levels, five chapter and boss fighting. The price is still not disclosed and will be revealed at the time of release.

There are several other latest games to be released like Halo, Mass Effect 2 Lair, etc.

All these games have started to come into market in September and will continue till November.