Microsoft’s Xbox is a sixth –generation game console, it was released on November 15, 2001 in North America followed by Japan, Australia and Europe. The recent version of Xbox is Xbox 360. Microsoft is competing with Sony’s PlayStation 2, Sega’s Dreamcast, and Nintendo’s GameCube. If you want to play online then you can play with Xbox Live. Now they have discontinued Xbox and discontinued support for gaming console also, any faulty piece will be exchanged by Xbox 360.

Microsoft has announced a facelift happening at it was announced by Major Nelson, the gamertag for Microsoft Xbox Live’s programming director Larry Hryb. The major changes will be done and the chief among these is a browser-based avatar editor where you can edit and preview your avatar before purchase. But right now you can see what it has only; you have to wait for new features like the new web based avatar editor.

You can expect other new features like a single interface to view messages, friend and game requests, and an upgrade on Xbox Marketplace, games on Windows Phone 7, and new family settings to control what images appear on the dashboard. In Xbox Kinect, you can work on user-friendly controls and you can also preview a mockup of the Xbox update on Flickr.

You can get more details about facelift of Xbox.xom on PCmags and also you can visit Microsoft Xbox related websites. Microsoft is very much concerned about online gaming services and they are totally concentrating to give a new face to its website. It will attract more users and subscribers to Xbox, as Xbox is already famous worldwide and there are more users than any other gaming consoles. We can hope some more exciting features from Xbox and it will challenge Sony and other gaming console makers. Online gaming has already so much users in the world and possibilities of getting it broader are wide open.

Microsoft is working day and night to launch an all new and we will see it very soon with more features.