Xbox 360 is a gaming console which is popular all over the world. It has come a long way since it was launched in the year 2001 in November. There is no stop for it as its demand is increasing with each passing day. The name given to it is because user feels a never before 3D environment , which delivers a live gaming experience it is just like you are in another world and living it up. The moment you enter into its world it makes you crazy with excitement. The whole gaming console is designed to give you a whole new experience to the users. This is the biggest reason why it is liked by the people all over the world.

Recently, there has been news is from the gaming world of technology that there is a huge demand of these Xbox gaming consoles in the period of vacation. The reason behind it is that there are new users in this season. People are free to spend their spare time. There is a motion control system which makes it easy to feel the entire thrill. The huge success of Xbox tells the entire story itself.  There is no need to talk much about the details. This is the ultimate winner. These gaming consoles are being sold in a rapid way. Within the 60 days of order it is completely sold out.

For that Microsoft had to expand its production to meet the demands of the customers all over the world. According to the spokespersons of Microsoft the sale of Xbox has risen by 42 percent in a year. It is a booming figure enough to tell the truth. Kinect for Xbox is a device which enables the user to interact without touching the gaming console. It works without touch. There are smart sensors that sense the motion and gesture of the face and voice as well. It is really a game changer. That is the reason why it is sold in such a huge level. The most important thing which works for the Xbox 360 is the experience it gives. Sensors in it are so efficient that if you bent or do any thing like that it will feel like that on the screen.