Mr. Greenberg commented on twitter that project Milo is not only a product which is being launched in the coming holidays; the project is still developing in the lion head studios. He also commented that his teams at lion head studios always come up with several innovative ideas.

Electronic entertainment expo which was developed by the Microsoft in the year 2009 was a milestone for the company. This project developed an interactive virtual boy which could sense the other player’s emotions. The project used very advanced technology yet there are some drawbacks as such kind of virtual things cannot respond and react in the same as the individual. Such kinds of projects will be proved as threat for the real world after few decades.

During E32010, Milo’s presence remained unrecognized from the press event conducted by the Microsoft. It came into limelight when it was renamed from natal as kinect during the cirque du soleil’s performance. The director of product management of the Xbox 360 Mr. Aaron Greenburg gave the explanations about the absence of Milo from the market despite of being so popular, different and interactive character.

Later Mr. Aaron Greenburg gave the explanations to the Australian broadcasting corporation’s game that Milo was just a demo not more than that. He also said that Milo is gaining popularity in England and is a very popular amongst the youngsters. He further adds that it has established very well in the England and is safe and sound. He also commented that Milo has been developed by his expert team at lion head studios and labs. He further said that when there project natal technology was launched, it was also shown as demo and added that they are not planning to bring this game in the market these days as it is just a technology demo.

Milo also helped in launching Kinect in North America on 4th November. Kinect is basically a controller free motion sensing system. It is a camera based system which also enables the facility of video chat and minority report, gesture control of the Xbox. It is quite costly now days but later its costs are likely to come down depending upon the market and customer needs and priorities.

I am sure that the prices of the product are going to be lower down as this is company’s strategy to create exclusivity in the beginning of the product launch and once there is enough curiosity and demand of the product, the price goes down.

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