The Android games have been a favorite for many people as they spend a lot of their time on playing various games on their mobiles and computers. The director of editorial and social media PoCap, Jeff Green has announced two of the upcoming Android games. He made this announcement through Twitter and he also dropped the pictures of these two new games, called Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle. Both the games are very popular among the adults as well as the kids and teenagers. They can be played on almost every platform that one can imagine of. There are a few exceptions though but the scene is about to change. The games are however very popular on iOS platform as of now but they are very welcome for the mobile users also.

Though there is no date fixed yet for the launch of these two new Android games, it has been made very clear that the games will not be based on ads neither will they be available for free. That means that the game enthusiasts will have to pay a price and they must be prepared to shell out some money. Jeff Green has released various teasers on Twitter mention the hugely popular games among the Android community, without speaking specifically about the timeframe that they will hit the market. He said that the games will be released through various market places.

The games Plants Vs. Zombies is a tower defense video game that was initially developed and published by PoPCap Games. The game was originally designed to run on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The game includes a homeowner who must defend his home against an army of zombies. He, along with a neighbor must defend the house at the front, the backyard, and the roof. The homeowner uses a variety of peeled plants to repel the attack by zombies. The house must be protected during day and night. The first version of the game was released in 2009 and it has been popular game ever since then. The game Plants vs. Zombies witnesses the players in the form of homeowner and neighbor placing different types of plants and fungi to defend the house against an army of zombies. They place plants such potato mine, cattail, peashooters, cabbage-pult, hypno-shroom, melon-pult, and plantern along with many others.

With the launch of Pegler, PopCap has topped all expectations the happiness. There is a unicorn and a sunflower along with a smiling dragon named Lord Cinderton in the Peggle. They are present in pastel colors.

The games Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle can be played online or they can be downloaded on personal computers to be played at leisure. There are various gaming websites that allow for the games to be played for some levels and they need to be downloaded and played. The players can also purchase these games online. The reviews about the games are also available on the internet. The players may either read these review or they can get an experience by playing first online and then purchase the same.