Despite denials from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, it is generally accepted that the three gaming giants are already working to replace their gaming console PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

According to Danny Bilson, manager of THQ, if the machines were forced out over the next three years, the gaming consoles would be very expensive. Danny Bilson has issued a statement in which he has raised the alarm for all gaming lovers that the advent of the new generation of consoles could give rise to a disaster scenario (means quite expensive).

All this is possible because the development teams of PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 and Wii 2 could be forced to increase investment and work on each title. This could lead to a result in soaring prices for each title and it would cost around $100. Bilson is convinced that the new generation of consoles which will hopefully release in coming three years, laying the foundation for a very manageable situation. Even if it currently costs a lot to the software house to develop a single title, the advent of gaming machines may lead to production costs rise exponentially. The result will necessarily be more expensive, the final cost of the product, which according to Bilson could rise to $100 per copy.

This figure is as impossible for almost all budgets and the manufacturers themselves seem to be aware of this potential situation. As stated by Bilson, if Microsoft and Sony will decide to start over from scratch, developers will find difficulties with the new situation. It will allocate budget even higher for new projects which, in fact, require a more complex development. What is certain is that $100 for a game seems like impossible figure and the manufacturers are aware of this, according to Bilson, the best thing is to maintain a stable technology, so you can concentrate on the content to be carried out.

Already several programmers had difficulty adapting to the current generation of console hardware, and therefore the situation could be complicated if the estimates for all three years for the arrival of Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4 would prove true.