The much hype of Nintendo 3DS that was in the first half of 2010 is over as the console its said to hit the markets in Japan on February 26 with a price tag of $300.  However Nintendo 3DS release in US and Europe will have to wait till March of 2011.

After the announcement of the 3DS launch Nintendo’s shares dipped slightly as the release will not coincide with the Christmas holidays. However investors are hoping that the 3D technology innovation will be picked up faster with the new release of Nintendo 3DS as gamers will be able to watch 3D movies without special glasses.

Unlike Xbox and PlayStation that are looking towards motion sensing technology as the flagship of their products, Nintendo 3DS launch will be prove to be a stiff competition as it is the first gaming console venturing into the 3D realm.

  • Pica200 graphics processor
  • Two screens-top screen is a 3.53 in (90 mm) 5:3 3D screen
  • Screen resolution of 800×240 pixels (400×240 pixels per eye, WQVGA)
  • stereoscopic three-dimensional effect without 3D glasses
  • Bottom screen is a 3.02 in (77 mm) 4:3 non-3D touch panel with a resolution of 320×240 pixels (QVGA)[30]
  • weight 230 grams (8.1 oz)
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Infrared port

The great news about the release comes as a breather for many games developer that are looking forward to the 3D platform. With the release of Nintendo 3DS many games such as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil series will release their games in 3D most probably in 3D.