If you are preparing to purchase the Nintendo 3DS gaming console, you will have 18 games to opt from for your starter collection. But this time they are going to cost a bit more than the regular DS titles. Nintendo has also shown its launch day products for the handheld gaming system as well as revealed the price to be $40, which is just $5 more than titles for the DS platform.

Nintendo has recently revealed a new line of products in the handheld gaming system with the price tag of $40. The 3DS will not begin with characters like Mario or Zelda, but outdoor publishing partners will have familiar names, including Super Street Fighter, The Sims, Star Wars, Rayman, and Madden. The system will also come with built-in titles Face Raiders, and AR Games.

Nintendo itself will add nintendogs + cats; it is nothing but a sequel to its admired pet simulator, along with submarine simulator Steel Diver and Pilotwings Resort. It seems that the company is protecting its main products for a little later in the year when there are more 3DS systems in people’s hands and the holidays are depicting near.

They are also planning to increase the overall number of games available for the 3DS from 18 to more than 30 by mid-June. To enhance demand for the system, the company is also setting up a widespread promotional campaign, with over 5,000 units in stores and people representing mobile units on the streets of major cities.

We were not expecting the $5 premium for titles and it could still make things challenging for the company. Nintendo has already owned the handheld gaming space since pretty older times, it faces radically augmented competition from Apple these days, as players have flocked to the iOS devices, where game prices almost never crossed $10.

If you have already planned to buy one then here we are providing the titles that will help to assemble your shopping list: Pilotwings Resort (Nintendo), Steel Diver (Nintendo), nintendogs + cats (Nintendo), Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (Capcom), The Sims 3 (EA), Madden NFL Football (EA), Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D (Konami), LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (LucasArts), Ridge Racer 3D (Namco Bandai), Super Monkey Ball 3D (Sega), Bust-a-Move Universe (Square-Enix), Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (Tecmo Koei America), Asphalt 3D (Ubisoft), Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D (Ubisoft), Rayman 3D (Ubisoft) and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars (Ubisoft).