Nintendo has captured the gaming industry by surprise by introducing the 3DS system. Many great titles of the games are produced by this company. Those games are extremely powerful and visually appealing. In the Electronic Entertainment Expo which was held in Los Angeles, the company has briefed about the existence as well as the quality of the 3DS handheld Nintendo has now officially revealed the Nintendo 3DS, and as it had been rumored, this game would be providing the opportunity to the gamers for playing the 3D games without the need of wearing the glasses. This handheld has the facility of the 3DS. This features a widescreen display of 3.5″ on the top and would also have a smaller touch screen at the bottom. This game would also have a 3D depth slider which would allow the players to adjust the third dimension wherever they see that it is fine can be adjusted to that position. This can be easily enhanced or can also be removed all together.

Features of 3DS

Just like the DSi, the 3DS also has a built in camera, but here it would feature two of the lenses that are present on the outside which would allow the players for taking the pictures in 3D. A motion and gyro sensor, slide pad and analog controller are also a part of this handheld. Nintendo unveiled that the users of this game would also be able to download the 3D movies with the help of their handheld, which would include the films produced by Dreamworks, Disney and Warner Bros.

Games in process

The brand new game dubbed Kid Icarus would make full use of the 3D capabilities of the handheld and is in the works. Some of the other games that are in process include Mario Kart, Uprising, StarFox 64 3D and the 3D version of Nintendogs + cats is also in process. Apart from the games that are developed by Nintendo, 3DS would also be supporting the third party game makers like Hudson Activision, Take Two, Atlus, Capcom, Sega and it would also be featuring the franchsies such as the Resident Evil, DJ Hero, Metal Gear Solid, a new professor Layton game and many more.

Demonstrations on 3DS

The demonstration of game called the Metal Gear Solid 3D had higher graphics resolutions as compared to the current DS systems. The immersive jungle folage and the snake present in the game appeared as if it is going to escape the unit and is going to come towards the viewer and bite him. Also, a trailer of the film Tangled by Disney was shown for the sake of demonstration which looked quite surprising as it had high quality with 3D effects that could be compared to the home and theatrical 3D films.

For those people, who wish to have increased capabilities of 3D, 3DS is a great choice. Nintendo has made its world of games even interesting for the viewers as they become more real and attractive. Players become more exciting about the great number of the upcoming games due to the arrival of 3DS.