It is only since 2008 that social gaming has gained popularity and the percentage of users who play online social games has increased to 50% which was earlier at 40%. Just in US there are around 99 million social gamers and the number is increasing with each passing day. With new games and gaming technologies coming day by day the number of casual gamers has also increased and in US there are around 85 million people who play games at least once in a day. The figures of 99 million social gamers and 85 million casual gamers has attracted many in deploying new ideas for attracting more and more people. Microsoft with its Windows Live Messenger has tried to merge the two figures by adding an online social gaming tab in its messaging tool. When you view the Windows Live Messenger in full view you can see the Games tab and this can be used to play the earlier known Casual games with your friends who are there in your friends list. You can also connect to you facebook account with this tab and invite your facebook friends to play the games with you.

This tab in Messenger’s windows not only allows you to play games with your friends but you can also see who all are playing online games and what are their favourite games. It is quite similar to the gaming section of Yahoo messenger which enabled its users to play online flash games with their friends. I have played games with my friends online and so would have you but with the new Live Messenger you can even connect with your Facebook friends for playing the games. With this merger happening programmers have already started coding their ideas to create more and more new games and challenge the world famous Farmville for its popularity. According to a report there are around 80 million users who actively play Farmville and undoubtedly this is the game which has given Social Gaming a whole new definition.