According to EA it is as realistic as it gets! The latest controversy surrounding EA’s new game-Medal of Honor comes amidst it inclusion of Taliban units, in which players can play both NATO and Taliban units. Despite the criticism from U.K.  government sources, EA has simply changed the acronym of the word Taliban to “The Opposition”

Medal of Honor has been one of the flagship products for EA since it launched the product in 1999. Through the various series, Medal of Honor has taken first person shooter (FPS) to new heights of realistic game experience by including battle sequences in the World War II, Balkans, Vietnam and now Afghanistan.

However in order to silence the critics, EA does not seek to interfere with Nationalistic sentiments as there are many British soldiers posted in Afghanistan. It only seeks to continue its tradition of enabling gamers to perceive both sides of any war.

U.K.’s Defense secretary, Dr Liam Fox had strong opposition to the release of the game, in which he called upon banning the game.  EA was not naïve in including the Taliban as a team, they were aware about any ensuing controversies. Despite the controversy fans around the world have given the game thumbs up as the new Medal of Honor game is all about latest war happenings around the world that takes you directly to the realism in action.