If you visit the Google home page today you are bound to be in for a pleasant surprise. It has on it the playable version of the most loved of games of all times, Pacman right above the search bar. The logo is strategically placed in the center of the maze and the same sights and sounds of the game although it is not able to create the right kind of gaming environment to be had at the arcades.

Google has gone ahead and posted more details on its Google blog. However, you might just want to go on and start playing this all-time favorite game. The way that the Pac-man game was set up was keeping the authenticity of it in mind. There is the thing that Ryan Germick a doodler stated with the game logic that is to be found in the original game being kept intact. It has the same kind of graphics, sounds was even able to create the same kind of bugs, ghosts and personalities that one were to find in the original version. The bugs have been recreated using the original masterpiece of a game from the 1980s. This was what Marcin Wichary who is the senior UX designer and developer at Google had to say. If you were to add a virtual coin then you will you will also get Ms Pac-man to play a game that is collaborative and fun. The way it works is that you need to use the arrow keys to get Pac-Man working and WASD for his wife. This is one fun way to have a good time online.

The way the Pac-man game has been set is that it is going to be on for the next 48 hours to celebrate the 30th birthday of Pac-Man. You can go on to celebrate this with another 30th birthday that falls on the same day. That is the birthday of Star Wars the Empire Strikes one of the best science fiction films ever made. This is one of the greatest movies of one’s times and has had generations watch and love its impact on them. It is certainly one innovative way to celebrate the birthday of two stalwarts which are Pac-man and Star Wars.

This was certainly an extremely wonderful surprise for Pac-Man lovers all over the world to see this playable version of the game on one of their favorite search engines. The doodle has over 255 levels and in addition to that a 256th level kill screen. This is as close that you can get to the original arcade game.

When you go to Google click on the Insert Coin button which you will find next to the Search button and you are all set to sit back and enjoy this most wonderful of game.

So, bring out the pizza and the coke and celebrate the 30th birthday of Namco’s big yellow guy.