Games for Windows is a brand developed and maintained by Microsoft. It was introduced in 2006 to improve the gaming experience for Windows machines. The partnership between Games for windows and Windows OS has brought so many games in the market and they are intended to bring some more impressive technologies which are going to boost the gaming experience. This is great news for gamers who do not want to compromise on the audio and video quality, game playing quality and gaming console compatibilities.

Here are some of the in-built tools which increase the gaming experience on your Windows machine:

Easy Installation: The standard and simple setup process makes installation Games for Windows very easy and simple task. It installed all the standard games in the default folder in Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. All you need to do is to insert the game installation disk in the CD drive and the auto run feature will launch the installation process and you will only need to follow the instructions. It is also very easy to manage the Titles and game collection.

Crystal clear visual experience: The all new DirectX11 makes the computer visual look like a real world experience. It enables 3D graphics to run on your computer and give you a wonderful visual effect while playing games. The game display can also be splitter or stretched over multiple monitors on Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. The widescreen resolution in wonderful and all high-end video games works fine with this technology.

Choose Parental Control: Parental control in a built-in security feature in Windows Vista and Window 7 operating system which provides you to manage the security on your computer. You can manage the user accounts in a way that your children could not access the unwanted content and games on the same computer.

Compatibility: Microsoft releases most on the games, under Games for Windows, with thorough research and testing that all the games should qualify the minimum quality parameters. All these games must be compatible with major windows operating systems and the default software configuration.

Online Multiplayer console: There is a new trend in gaming world. People does like to play alone and want to compete in a real world and want to have the  gaming experience with real opponents. This brings the need for high-end multi-player gaming environment. Games for Windows Live is exact online arena where 14 million users are registered and playing online games with real opponents. This is a free service which allows to play online multi-player games from your PC and Xbox 36o gaming console. Apart from games, you can also chat with users and comment on their gaming profile and gaming achievements. You can register in this website and get some free Titles to play and you can also get sample games before you subscribe to actual game. The opponent will be selected according to your gaming profile and skill which is also a very good feature for a starter.