According to a study by market research firm NPD released recently, the Nintendo Wii gaming console is by far the most sold gaming console globally. Even as it is currently, the American gaming console is still the most selling, despite having clocked record sales to stand out as the most sold gaming console to date, surpassing even the Xbox 360.

Sales in the US

As of January this year, about 465,000 Nintendo Wii’s had already been sold in America alone, placing as at the top of the most selling game consoles. However, the gaming console got its boost from holiday shoppers last December when it is estimated they bought over 3.8 million units! Now that is staggering high in terms of sales and undoubtedly keeps Nintendo at its position. If you have pondering over which games are major players in the gaming world in terms of sales and usage, well there goes your answer. Nintendo Wii games are apparently the craze if their record sales are anything to go by and statistics and predictions are they are bound to continue experiencing the upward trend in sales.

Number of units

Of Nintendo Wii’s games, the number one selling game was New Super Mario Bros with an amazing 650,000 units sold. You might be forgiven for thinking the xbox-360 had a chance against Nintendo in the recent years despite all its hype. The reports released last Thursday reported that Nintendo Wii had taken top honors in the US in a report that sought comparisons to elaborate the sales. According to the report, whereas Nintendo Wii sold about 335,000 Wii consoles, Sony’s play station 3 consoles sold about 127,000 in February. You will remember that both consoles were launched at around the same time in November last year and the Wii console retailed at $250 while Sony’s PS3 retailed at $600 for its high end version of the game.

Compared with other consoles

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 that was unveiled way back in 2005 sold about 228,000 units making it the second largest console sold as at February this year. The US video game market is estimated to peg at a staggering $13 billion and the three game makers have already launched a tough war for sales with their new gaming consoles. However, in the last cycle of gaming consoles, Sony’s PS 2 was the best selling gaming console with 295,000 units sold as at February this year.

However, Wii’s dominance is further fomented by the fact, according to the study; Wii’s global sales will exceed those of the Xbox 360 for all the time it has been around since premiering. What’s more interesting about Wii’s dominance is the fact the sales are expected to exceed those of Xbox 360’s lifetime sales in just less than one year. Up to now, Wii’s cumulative gaming consoles sold are placed at an amazing 10.6 million copies.

Nintendo Wii’s gaming consoles appear to be riding high and it remains to be seen what its competitors have in store for countering it.