Whether you liked it or did not like it, one thing is for sure; God of War2 was a hit during its time and set up the stage for the coming of God of War 3. God of War 3 is the final trilogy in the Sony made game and it appears the game makers knew just what to include in the third game to have fans hooked to their control joy sticks.

New Additions

The result of their careful but mega work comes to life in God of War 3 even though it is not as drastic as such. God of War 3 has been revamped and given a number of new things inclusive of a setting that centers around the Mount Olympus. However, the new setting does not happen on the side of Mount Olympus entirely. One thing is for sure though, the developers of the game had given it a series of new and exciting things such as the way it mixes combat, platforming and puzzles to create a mega story that centers on adventure and quality scenes. Regardless of the negative reviews it has generated, I must admit the game comes with far better creativity when compared to its predecessors. But I must warn you that if you did not particularly like the features of God of War games such as button pressing minigames, puzzles, linearity amongst a host of others, God of War 3 has them and you still may not like it.

Perfect Trilogy!

On the other hand if you loved these features, then you have reason to celebrate because God of War 3 has made them even better. The game is a good trilogy follow up that you are bound to like if its basic features, such as the ones I listed above do not bother you. Some changes have been made, obviously, due to the change in setting with a vertical design that is far pronounced than in the previous games. This is because the game happens around Mount Olympus and other features such as Icarus Ascent and the Titan boss battles take the game a notch higher as they give you a scale and experience that is way better that the previous horizontally centered God of War games. But I must state at this point that the changes are not as much you would want, just a few fixes here and there and you got the God of War 3.

The God of War 3 comes with additional minor features that the developers included. There are a number of new features that you will notice when you play the game, and there are many that naming them here would be futile. One thing I liked about this game is the job that went into its making because every time I play it, it feels like playing a total different game given the blend of level design and the game’s objectives. You do not feel like you are repeating the game whenever you choose to play it.

Even better, the variety of features comes in different forms that are all amazing and spectacular in their functionality.