A game packed with loads of action and machines, Dead Rising 2 was released in most countries in September this year. If you’re the type with a huge fascination for machines and a knack of adventure, this is a game that would be perfect for you.

The game revolves around its protagonist Chuck Greene, fighting to save his daughter by giving her a shot of Zombrex every 24 hours, failing which her daughter will turn into a zombie. To raise money for the cause, he participates in a weird game show where contestants kill zombie for fun and money. However, after a huge explosion takes place, there is an outbreak in the city where most people have either been killed or turned into zombies.

There are a variety of methods to play the game and the users are given enough time to roam around malls and casinos. Despite the large variety of weapons and it basically being an action game, its real fun lies in exploring areas and running from one end to another, and making sure you’re in the right place at the right time. The existence of other survivors is also a highlight of the game, just like the first installment. This time they prove to be better fighters rather than being a hindrance in the first part, however it cannot be denied that most often they end up being annoying. Apart from the survivors, the other humans you encounter, while going through the Fortune City, are the psychopaths who vary from someone wearing roller skates to a giant mask, to being military men.

However, the humans apart, this is a pretty engaging game. It gives its users the option to restart the game with the bankroll and character level intact, if you fail a case or die. Although there is time pressure to deal with, the game eases some of the pressure by offering multiple save slots to its user. In comparison, the first game in the series only had one. Coming back to the weapons part, crafting them and using them are one of the most fascinating aspects of the game. There are different things that you can pick up along the way and use them on enemies, whether it is a rolled up newspaper or an assault rifle. Some of the items can also be combined but others to form something that is usually more deadly. The sound effects are all very well done too, and the impact comes across when any zombie is killed with a blunt object; making it sound wet and disgusting.

It is not as if the game is devoid of any flaws, as many people wouldn’t like the time factor, which won’t let them enjoy the game as it should have. Others may not like its inventory controls, but all in all, looking beyond the blemishes would make you love the game for what it is – superbly adventurous, multiple save slots, great sound effects, a variety of weapons, and a wonderful plot.