Mirror’s Edge is a fast pace and attractive game where you do a lot of running, evading and jumping over and off a lot of buildings, this is quite a advent game to play if you like to do things you will never be able to do in real life like; jumping off buildings, over fences and running from the cops. This game will throw you in a city environment where you have to run away from the cops because of something you did or they believed you did something, you mostly run on top of high sky scraper buildings, jumping or climbing your way up or down.

You will get a character to play as a girl named Faith who is a very physically fit woman who loves to run against walls and climb things; she is very fast and can cover great distances in no time. You will get a list of very cool weapons in this game, there are quite a few fire arms you can play with but the thing about that is you can only carry one weapon at a time, you can only use it for a certain period of time before you drop it and the last thing is you can only acquire the weapons from your enemies, each gun has a limited amount of ammo and when ammo is depleted you will automatically drop the gun. While developing this game; the game developer of Mirror’s Edge added a close combat system to the game where you can take the enemy with your fists via punching with the fists or by countering the enemy’s attacks that is thrown at you. The style of the game is very linear and it is not likely that you will struggle to continue to the next area, the developers guides you where to go by coloring objects red that you should follow, so if you are stuck just try and find any red object, pole etc. To complete the game without shooting a single enemy unlocks an achievement for the player. Guns or weapons in this game may be obtained by disarming an enemy, but when the magazine is empty, it will need to be discarded. The other part of the game is carrying a weapon slows Faith down; the heavier the gun, the more it hinders her movement. This will introduce an element of strategy in the game to determine when to fire.

Mirror’s Edge also features a time attack mode along with campaign mode, where the player must try to complete one of a set of special maps in the shortest amount of time. You can upload Best times to online leaderboards, where players can also download ghosts of other players to compete against. The maps in this game are unlocked by playing through the campaign mode. The producer Tom Ferrer said about the game, the time trial portions of Mirror’s Edge are “bite-sized and short so you can grind them and play them and get faster and faster and also It is not like playing an entire level.