The countdown has begun for the official release of Sony PlayStation 4. And there has been a lot of hype about the features and specifications of the imminent gaming console.

Rumors and speculations about Sony PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to be made of eco-friendly materials, primarily those that are recyclable. The console is said to incorporate an Eco Start feature, which will enable the participants to save as well as resume games without switching off the console. It is also considered that Sony PlayStation 4 will have the ability to switch off when left idle for 30 minutes, letting the console self-charge automatically and save energy.

Apart from boasting eco-friendly features, certainly the console will have the specifications required for giving hours of intriguing gaming experience. To satisfy the gaming needs of hardcore gamers, the forthcoming Sony PlayStation 4 is speculated to have 1.5 TB hard disk drive, USB 3.0 and HDMI connect port. Full 3D support with 4K2K compatibility and support for 3D Blu-Ray are a couple of other features that can be there in the console.

Sony PlayStation 4 is anticipated to be the finest gaming console. To clear you doubts, wait till it is finally launched.