Offerpal media received a major blow last week when it was informed that it would not be providing special ads offers for Facebook’s new Facebook Credits Virtual currency platform. That move posed as a threat to the startup’s business with Facebook app developers, who are widely expected to adopt Facebook’s in-house credit. This will lead to layoff at Offerpal.

But in another note, the company was this week announcing a new customer program that will enable game developers to sign up their new users through Social recommendations regardless of what platform the users are using.


Its SocialKast platform will highly enable Offerpal’s developers to reach out to more than a billion of its users in 150 countries worldwide. This will be possible through integration with open application platform providers including Google and Yahoo. According to George Garrick who is the Chief Executive Officer of Offerpal, said that SocialKast could boost a game’s ability to spread through viral channels. That will eventually lower the cost that developers have to pay so as to acquire new users. This is known as the “Cost of Acquisition”

Communication Platform

Additionally, the system also allows gamers to communicate with each other across platforms and make it easier for gamers to spread to new users. This means that, if you can communicate with a bunch of friends across a bunch of platforms, then this will make it a lot easier to invite them into the game you are playing and therefore help boost the viral spread of the game. Users can for instance send gifts to their friends in different platforms by the use of distribution mechanism such as Yahoo updates.

SocialKast will be available to all developers using Officepal’s full service money making platform. The platform allows gamer to earn virtual currency in a free to pay game by accepting an ‘Offer’ which is a special ad such as accepting a Netflux subscription offer. Participants include game company Digital Chocolate

About Offerpal

Having its headquarters in Fremont California, Offerpal media is a leading company in virtual currency monetization for online games and social networks. Its Turnkey payment platform gives consumers the opportunity to buy virtual currency by completing targeted advertising offers or by purchasing it through the global payment option.

Founded in 2007, Offerpal has had the vision of providing a new technology platform for the social media marketplace. It has issued for more than 700 billion virtual points and has been able to reach more that 150 million consumers across 2,000 plus publishers.

Some of its investors include Interest capital, North Bridge Venture Partners, and D.E. Shaw Ventures.

By putting the founder’s many years of experience in online personalization into use, together with CPA advertising and robust optimization technologies, Offerpal has rapidly grown since its inception and now stands as a leader in social advertising and monetization.

Offerpal’s media network reaches to more than 15 million social network uses and spans hundreds of the most popular social sites including Facebook, MySpace, hi5 among others.

“In July 2008, we were honored as an AO Global 250 winner in recognition of our innovation commercialization stakeholder value and media buzz.” This is according to a report on the Offerpal official website.