Are you one the user of Sony PS3, who have taken advantage of the PS3 and want to carry on using it, then this news may shock you. Sony has declared new mandatory update for Play Station 3. You can’t expect any new feature. Sony gave a quick response to PS3 break, since last month Australian court grated Sony for complete control over an inventory of PS3 jailbreak devices. But for this console giant wining this case was not enough. On September 6 John Koller, Sony’s Director of Hardware marketing said that a minor update in the PS3 is now available for all the users via system software v3.42, which even includes security feature. It is easy to understand why the company is afraid of jail broken PS3s. Company have a keen interest in protecting the PS3s revenue stream. But the way of protecting their software’s and games from hacking sometime boggles the mind. The new update system will build on all new PS3. It will be a difficult time for PS3 players to choose weather to buy a PS3 break or not. If you are interested to log in to the internet game mode through your device then you have to update yourself to latest version, if you want to stick on the v3.41 then you have to give up PSN.

If you don’t use PS3 break and want to buy it now, then you have to recalculate your savings, because it is assured with the new features it the price of the device will surely go up, in comparison to older version.

Obviously the rise in price and upgrading of version, is not sort of issue that will ever sink the PS3, but this will surely effect the trust of homebrew enthusiast and other OS fans when company will market PS4. As far as firmware is concerned it will obviously be broken. Sony will promptly update it, to block hacking. The latest firmware update for the PS3 will prevent the USB dongle which jailbreaks the console from working. The PS jailbreaks circumvents the PS3 security measures, and allow the owner to copy games on to the hard drive so it is possible to play without game drive. The new version update fixes the security loophole that the device exploited. It appears as if this new version is specifically designed to deal with jailbreak dongle. This update requires 168MB space on hard disk, to access PSN it is must to install PSN. All in all it is swift action by Sony, as dongle hasn’t been available for long.

If we talk about hackers, they will doubtless be trying to respond with a counter move to re-enable the device as quickly as possible. This was always going to happen so no one should surprise. It is now going to be a game of Cat and Mouse in which hackers will slightly modify to re-access it and Sony will release another small firmware to block it again.