EA Canada brings the ultimate extreme skiing game that is going to pump up the adrenaline on your XBOX 360. Skiing could have never been better in the real or virtual world when you slide on the snow of SSX world. Yeah! SSX is undoubtedly the best skiing game ever with a deserving medal of Extreme Sports genre.

The game combines all the extreme topographies of snowscape for you to not only awe in sublimity but also to gear up your skis and goggles to race against all forms of treacherous mountain ranges. You can ski on the holy peaks of Himalayas to the dreadful slopes of Antarctica. When you ski down the pits of icy descents, only survival instincts will prevail over your racing ambitions.

You can intensify the entire thrill with death-defying stunts. The icy world of SSX grants you to trick gravity and defy the laws of physics like performing the notorious 1260° Double McTwist in 200 feet above the ground.

SSX has included a list of favorite characters selected by fans like Elise, Kaori, and Mac. You can select any of the characters to participate in the constant global competition where you can compete against other online players, any time. You can always move your Leaderboards ahead, as you constantly defeat your friend’s scores.

So, enter the world of extreme skiing and keep exploring the sublime icy ranges of Mother Nature. Only SSX can take you to that snowy ride where your mind could only wonder.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: EA Canada

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Extreme Sports