As it is currently, StarCraft II’s review are yet to start trickling in but by the end of the coming week, fans and players will have a thing or two to say about the game. However, even as it currently, there have been a number of reviews by various consumer organizations and by far, StarCraft II appears to have silenced critics who doomed it for failure even before it was launched.

The Hype Aside!

There can be no understating the popularity of the game word wide and as more players access the new StarCraft2 and give their feedback, be keen to see how the overall situation puns out. The game was just released on the 27th of July 2010 and I have to admit, even though I am yet to try it out, some consumer reports are already giving it some impressive scores. Part of the reason the sequel is getting all these mixed reactions stems from Blizzards perspective over the new game.

According to Blizzard, the new is an integral part of the sequel and when it turned on the night prior to the release, those who tried it out could truly attest to the superb functionality of the new StarCraft2. That is the company had prior to the release date kept it secret from both press and did not open its till 11pm on the eve of the release.

The Reception

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a copy like I was, you might have played the game and felt like this is what it should have been like all those years of waiting. Like I said, the fact that thousands upon thousands are eager to get their hands on the new game is testament to the prowess of the console. If the publicity that StarCraft2: Wings of Liberty got last week when it was being launched is a review of sorts, then there must have been at least a positive reception.


But let’s consider the Amazon reviews that were less than appealing just two days after the release of StarCraft2: Wings of Liberty. I must admit the Amazon reviews were both favorable and unfavorable. Whereas lots of you had criticisms to plant upon the new StarCraft2, there are some of you who dismissed the labeled criticisms and gave out three fingers in salute. Most of you were concerned with StarCraft2’s pricing arguing that at $59.99 for the new game and $99.99 for the original and the new included, it had been overpriced. But again there were some of you who felt that at those prices, Blizzard had given the best deals it could and you had no problem.

But pricing aside, how really did StarCraft2 fair with reviews because pricing alone, as the Amazon reviews seemed to point out, cannot be enough to discount the new game. But one thing is for sure, given the hype and publicity that followed the release of the game, the least you would expect is an epic game.