Kinect is an amazing game controller which will give you a controller free gaming and entertainment experience. It is  more than a game controller as it is considered to be the one of the flagship products of Microsoft.  Microsoft is planning for a natural user interface and this step beyond the thing you are staring at right now.  To concentrate and engage more on the next-generation Xbox, Microsoft hired Dr. Ilan Spillinger, VP of hardware and technology for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. They also started looking at natural user interfaces, 3D cameras and input systems.

Kinect is considered revolutionary by Microsoft, and it brings everything like full depth mapping, responds to voice commands and standard video camera, together as a natural interface in its infancy.

The Kinetic console has four microphones located at the bottom, so it is that large to accommodate the mics and the exact position they need to be in. The construction of Kinect is the result of the research in 200 homes in the US, Japan and Europe. When you buy a kinect, you have to calibrate the audio to fit in the room. It also becomes necessary when you are rearranging your room’s furniture.

It works on voice recognition system and it can recognize voices from far away without the luxury of push-to-talk. Kinect can understand regional accents, so it will be easy to connect with Kinect. It can also recognize noise coming out of the TV does not mess with your voice commands. When Microsoft lab is visited over Kinect we saw, critical and endurance test are being done on Kinect. They also saw Kinects are locked in a blue box where het test was in process.

In the heat test, heat was produced by three sensors and the atmosphere around it mixes to create conditions warmer than Microsoft. Dr. Ilan Spillinger, VP of hardware and technology for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business told Joel that “It would good to take it out in the future, and we’ll look into it when we start to integrate the silicon, but right now, even if it’s a small distribution…” in hot environments, they have to have it in there.