The highly acclaimed game of 2008, LittleBigPlanet, is coming up with its direct sequel LittleBigPlanet 2. The latter would be a puzzle platformer video game that is going to be centred on user-generated content. The game is published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for PlayStation 3 and developed by Media Molecule. LBP2 is being marketed across the world as a ‘platform for games’.

As its previous instalment was highly appreciated, the latest game in the series is being eagerly awaited. While it was known that the game was due for release in November, the exact date has now been confirmed as November 16. This would make it a perfect purchase for the upcoming holiday season.

As expected with most big game releases, this one also has several exciting pre-release offers through different retail partners. Every pre-order contains a very special costume offered from Insomniac and Disney/Pixar and four new costumes of ‘Even more Animals’. The four – five different costumes is the benefit one would get just for getting the pre-order packages. There are several deals being ordered by some top websites. If you order the package from, a very famous website for user reviews and ordering products, you would get 6 Sackboy costumes that include an exclusive access to ‘Ratchet’ and ‘Clank’ costumes from the Ratchet and Clank franchise. An addition to that would be the four new ‘Animal’ costumes. The BestBuy & website has also partnered with Disney/Pixar to provide the ‘Aliens’ costumes to people ordering the pre-release packages, along with the four ‘Even more Animals’ costumes.

Along with the above mentioned packages, there is also going to be a Collector’s Edition of LBP2 in the USA. However, you must order it soon as it is going to be in a limited run. It will also be available on the release date, i.e. November 16, at select retailers for $79.99. The LBP2 Collector’s Edition would include the little ‘Sackboy’, exclusive LBP2 bookends where you can keep your PS3 games organized and 11 different pre-order costumes. The costumes would be the Sackboy costume from Toy Story’s Aliens; the ‘Clu’ Sackboy costume from Disney’s TRON; the ‘Great Gonzo’ Sackboy costume from The Muppets; the ‘Ratchet’ and ‘Clank’ Sackboy costumes; and the ‘Even More Animals’ costumes that include the ‘Crocodile’, ‘Vulture’, ‘Mandril’ and ‘Cobra’. Also, exclusive to the LBP2’s Collector’s Edition would be Playstation’s ‘Jak’ and ‘Daxter’ Sackboy costumes along with 5 exclusive Avatars of LBP2 PSN.

For those who are unaware of the plot of the new game, it is about Sackboy’s adventures after the events in the first game. Larry Da Vinci, the leader of a secret Organization, comes to the rescue of Sackboy after the latter and other inhabitants of Craftworld are threatened by ‘The Negativitron’.

With so much to look forward to within the game premise itself, the pre-order packages and the special features are expected to enhance the gamers’ experience. Let us just hope the game lives up to all its hype.