PlayStation Blog has announced that PlayStation 3 System Software Update 3.40 is going to be available “soon.” The update will feature PlayStation Plus, new media support, and a rating system for PSN content. On top of that, Sony will be bringing a new PSN application to Facebook that should help people find other PSN members in their friends list.

The Internet Applications

The play station 3 is undergoing tremendous rolls to take out its new implications and this will have a more profound effect on the real time user. This time the firmware update will contain the Facebook application as well.

Sony revealed this fact in a press conference and will exclusively for the  gamers who choose to lay down the $50 for a year (or $30 for a 3 month) subscription to PlayStation Plus will be treated to early access to demos, PSN Store discounts, and free content.

The other facilities provided are completely new and contain facilities like the Netflix and the Flickr stream. The Video Editor and Uploader is a new feature that can be found on the XMB that will enable users to edit videos and upload them to Facebook or YouTube. As a matter of fact the user should remember that the users should remember that the native built in browser functions like the YouTube uploading is net connection dependent.  Uploading videos can be great, but to be able to view them on the PS3 without worrying about the web browser freezing would be better.

The Power Saving Model

This model will follow the Energy Star 4.0 convention, a power saving convention for money saving. The five star rating system, similar to the one Microsoft brought to Xbox Live, will allow users to rate content that they have purchased on the PSN Store.The PlayStation app for Facebook is important because it will help build the PSN community. The PlayStation Network app will allow people to see if which of their PSN friends are online, find friends who also have PSN accounts, and send PSN friend requests through Facebook. Although this app is not a part of the new features in the update, this will help build a stronger PSN community. This app will probably help bring people together on the PS3 as they find out that their Facebook friends have had a PS3 and PSN account the whole time. Xbox Live has always been known as the stronger, more active online community when compared to both Nintendo’s and Sony’s. However, the “awareness” that the Facebook app will bring will certainly help the cause.

The much awaited fans of the play station 3 wait for the firmware update which will be a revolution in the gaming world. This will not only satisfy the needs of the gaming junkies but also the ones that social networking addicted. The PC magazine has already given it a stunning 5 star rating in the pre release candidate testing. Thus the much awaited upgrade shall hit the masses.