The E3 keynote of Nintendo ended with the official reveal of the 3DS, but before that the center of attention of the show were the games. Many of the upcoming games and their titles were also revealed in the show which also included the new entries in the series of Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Kid Icarus as well as many of the other games that were previously unannounced. Some of the important and most interesting of these games are presented over here.

Donkey Kong

Link is not the only character of Nintendo who is returning, however, the classic franchises will also be seeing some of the new entries to them. Retro Studios, which is behind the series of Metroid Prime, would now tackle the Donkey Kong. This new game is for the Wii and is called the Donkey Kong Country Returns. This game would be featuring the classing 2D gameplay which will be side scrolling and would be completed with the collection of the barrel cannons as well as the bananas. In the trailer, both Diddy and the Donkey Kong were shown to the public. This means that this game is intended for the multiplayer also. It is expected that this game is going to be released during this holiday season.


After a long break, Kirby is also back and is dubbed Kirby’s Epic Yarn. This Wii game would be featuring a really different and unique style of art reminiscent of the LittleBigPlanet where all the things seem to be made up of such materials that are present in the real world. Kirby himself would be made of the single piece of the yarn. The backgrounds of the game will be made of the zippers and fabrics. It is also possible for Kirby to transform himself in to the vehicles which include a tank and a spaceship and it seems that there will be the support for the multiplayer. This game is also expected to be out during the holidays.

Goldeneye – Third party support

When talking about the support for the third party, Goldeneye 007 game is considered to be the biggest news of all which would be coming to the Wii. This game will become a part of Wii in the month of November. It is a Wii exclusive and would be featuring both of the online as well as the split screen multiplayer. There will be 16 modes of the game and 8 different kinds of Bonds, which would also include the latest incarnation by Daniel Craig. Activision would publish this game.


When talking about all the great games we can not leave Mario, which will be starting it’s another sport game for Wii in the form of Mario Sports Mix. This game is due during the coming year and would be featuring a great number of different sports including hockey, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball.

These games announced by Nintendo are great to shut the mouth of those people who are always complaining about good games for Wii. The idea of seeing many great games this holiday season is pretty astounding.