The top 5 racing games for iPhone are all from the racing category.

Racing games are the most preferred ones by gaming enthusiasts. These have also become one of the successful genres of gaming. Moreover, for those who own iPhones and other smartphones, these games are the most liked mode of entertainment and time pass as they offer a great way of engagement and pass the time on the go.

There are lot of games for iPhone users but racing games have always remained top on the preferences of users. These games are one of the most downloaded iPhone apps. Here is the list of top five adrenaline rushing games for iPhone that will surely get you going.

Death Rally
This is one of the most popular racing games among iPhone as well as iPad users so far. In this game the players have to win the race by knocking out the opponents. There are a variety of race levels included from Knockout to Standard and the ones where even certain weapons are used. The game is gaining popularity in over 71 countries and has crossed 2.5 million downloads till now. It is available at Apple iTunes store for US$ 0.99.

Forever Drive
If you are the one who loves to drive through 3D futuristic cities then you will love this game. You are free to drive on never-ending roads with built-in tracks that have been created by players. What’s more you can also customize and design your own car. Hold on! Everything is timed so better choose your car and track accordingly. The game is free and available at Apple iTunes store.

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing
For all you SEGA fans, we have Sonic for you to let you experience an ultimate party racing showdown. What’s more, you can also challenge your friends for the same and play with three friends over Bluetooth. All SEGA characters are coming to rock your world. The game is available at Apple iTunes store for US$ 1.99.

Reckless Gateway
Bank Robbery will be your task here in this exciting game. You have to cross all the obstacles and dodge the cops and make your way to a successful bank robbery. Well, after a successful robbery, the climax is when you have to fool the traffic police and escape with the booty. With an array of speed accelerating features, the game is amazing and is available at iTunes store for US$ 0.99.

Cubed Rally Racer
Cubed Rally Racer is another game that is played in 3D isometric rally. Each and every level of the game is randomly generated. You will have a gala time collecting gas. You also get Facebook and Twitter integration. There are over 99 levels for you to unlock. Isometric car rally is the exciting part of this game. You can have all the fun by downloading the game from Apple iTunes store at only US$ 1.99.