E3 is the name which has always been associated with showing some of the very exciting and wonderful games. It included many great classic franchise games, such as, The legend of Zelda, Rayman and Kirby and at the same time there are many brand new games like the Child of Eden and Shank. E3 had an annual show of its games. The first day did not have enough announcements of the games as well as the trailers but the second day of the show had much for the people and seemed to be better as compared to the first one. Some of the best trailers were shown during the second day which really got the attention of people.

The legend of Zelda : Skyward sword

This game looks completely gorgeous and seems to be a cross between the Twilight Princess and the Wind Waker. With the help of the streamlined control system the motion controls gets increased focus and becomes more prominent. It can be only hoped that this games is as good to play as it looks like.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is considered to be the most anticipated game at E3 though it had been delayed for some time. In the first trailer of the game some of the new outdoor environments were shown. There was also the robotic sense of humor of the GLaDOS’ signature. This game will surely make you very excited and will take much of your attention.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

One completely adorable and brand new game, Kirby by Nintendo was also revealed in the show which was intended for the Wii. Kirby’s Epic Yarn shows an extremely high movement from rest of the series. Visually it is far better than the others. This game is very interesting as the whole game has such items that are taken from the real world. Kirby himself is made up of the yarn which makes the game visually appealing. The environment which Kirby explores is full of things such as the buttons, felt and zippers etc. This game takes the pink puffballs’ starring role to a greater dimension.

Rayman Origins

The limbless plat forming star of Ubisoft is not as much popular as the Sonic or Mario, but the latest release of Rayman seems to be the more exciting than the previous releases and it looks that it is the best 2D plat formers that has been released in quite some time. The game has unbelievable animation as well as some gorgeous hand drawn art which makes the game very attractive.

Child of Eden

A new addition to E3 annual show is the Child of Eden. The trailer of this game was also shown in the show. The creators of this game are well known for the trippy rhythm action games that are very addictive and this game seems to be no different than the others. This game supports the motion controls for both Xbox 360 and PS3 and this is a plus point for this game as compared to the previous ones made by the creators.

The second day of the show took much attention of people and made the show more interesting for the people. E3 second day of the annual show was better and showed some very exciting and wonderful games.