God of war – Chains of Olympus, an action adventure game had received excellent reviews from critics and had generated a lot of positive feedback from users when it was released. It was developed by Ready at Dawn for the PlayStation portable and now they’re coming up with their second GoW game. This year, on August 2, Sony announced that the next installment in the God of War series, Ghost of Sparta, would be released on November 2. This has resulted in tremendous hype and excitement from fans. However, Sony has some other plans and it seems that people who are waiting for the game with baited breath wouldn’t have to wait for the day of the release. The company has come up with a marketing strategy in which fans can now order the game before its launch day with an exciting offer that is hard to resist.

The pre order package of the upcoming game has generated a lot of buzz for it in the gaming industry. It is going to feature a documentary featuring the present and past directors of the God of war franchise. All the directors namely David Jaffe (God of War), Cory Barlog (God of war II), Stig Asmussen (God of War III), Dana Jan (God of War – Ghost of Sparta) and Ru Weerasuiya (God of War – Chains of Olympus) are seen having a discussion over the game. This video was taped and recorded in front of a live studio audience. The full soundtrack of the upcoming game would be accompanying this fascinating documentary. The pre-release package would also include a PlayStation 3 dynamic theme, a PSP theme and an exclusive PlayStation Network Kratos avatar. This is certainly going to ensure that the Sony hardware is going for one of the biggest pre order packages.

Even if you do not own a PSP, the God of War – Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack is another package being released by Sony. It would be available only for $199.99, including a red and black two-tonned PSP-3000, Ghost of Sparta game on UMD, a digital download code of God of War – Chains of Olympus, a 2GB Memory stick Pro Duo and a UMD of the movie Kick-Ass. The new game is also said to have 25% more game play than Chains of Olympus. It would also have the capacity to enable the users to fight up to nine enemies on screen at once. With these user-friendly aspects, it seems all set to beat its predecessor in every possible way on November 2, when it releases. Once the game is launched, fans would want to get their hands on the earliest copies. Sony revealed that those who do would get what is being called the ‘Ultimate DLC pack’.

With a bigger, meaner, and gorier version of its predecessors, God of War looks set to boast of an outstanding gaming experience, and a value for money deal for its fans.