The research team of UT Dallas Arts and Technology (ATEC) program has been working on a research project called First Person Cultural Trainer (FPCT). The research project has won a national award for the third time and two years in succession. FPCT is backed by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command G2 Intelligence Support. With its latest achievement, FPCT has added another feather to its cap.

Previously, FPCT received the award for best video game in the 2011 government category. The category comprised showcase of serious games and challenges. FPCT also acquired the first place in the Innovations DoD gaming competition that was held at the GameTech Users conference in Orlando. Talking about 2010, FPCT was the winner of another acclaimed award from the National Training and Stimulation Association.

I/ITSEC witnessed the participation of 20,000 entrants that comprise military, government, business and academic people. It is the largest conference and is one of its kind. There were over 50 games that were registered in the I/ITSEC serious games contest, which was broadly divided into 5 categories viz. government, business, student, mobile and adaptive stance.

“This honor and the overall visibility that FCPT , UT Dallas and ATEC received at I/ITSEC this year is a real tribute to our sponsors at TRADOC, students, faculty, project staff and administrators who have nurtured this project for going on four years,” said Dr. Marjorie Zielke, ATEC assistant professor.

The development team got an opportunity to showcase a kiosk display and demonstrate the gameplay at the conference.

It is yet another achievement for FPCT to be a winner for the third time. We hope many more achievements like these come its way.