The Wild Jack mobile casino has come up with software, a black jack application. A native application it is being developed by a micro gaming company Spin3. The game enables the Android device users to play black jack for currency.  It has sound effects, vivid graphics as well as exciting animation.

Using the Spin 3 platform which is an award winner it supports native Android, Java as well as Web applications and the platform specially designed for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Mobile casino gambling is in the forefront of gambling in today’s times. To take advantage of the market’s big potential, this mobile Android software is doing wonders. The Wild Jack Mobile Casino blackjack application software gets benefits from horde of Android features. The blackjack application has crisp graphics and has controls that are on touch screen with control in vertical and horizontal. Honeycomb software from Google Android is usable as a third dimension and will be available to Android casinos. While real gambling applications are not allowed in the Android market, a new system of rating of content is to be introduced to the Android market.

Honeycomb will make compatible the smart phone to play Wild Jack Mobile Casino and make it a real game. Google demonstrated the popular Casinos are excited to announce in incorporating the Jack Mobile Casino release. Wild Jack Mobile Casino’s blackjack application has the advantage of features that are a set rich, available on the devices that are Android powered offering the razor sharp graphics. There are , controls that work on a touch-screen and has the capability of playing horizontally or vertically. The blackjack game can be used on any system with an OS version 1.6 or higher.

Powered by Microgaming, as well as certified by GamCare. Wild Jack Mobile Casino uses Spin3, an award winning software platform supports more than 1,600 mobile handsets. It features 19 games that are vibrant with graphics and exciting games is known for their top customer support as well as generous bonuses.

Wild Jack Mobile Casino takes care of its social responsibilities and is dedicated to a proactive system to prevent underage players and provide help for members who have developed gambling problems.  Social responsibilities also include in helping members overcome addiction to the games. The mobile based Android version is now available.

As has Mary Wise, a Wild Jack Casino manager has expressed that Wild Jack Casino with over the period of a decade of experience this industry and with the growing popularity of Android mobiles, this native app gives the casino players an opportunity to find a quality gaming experience. They look forward to more releases on the Android field. The app has been accepted with full heart and people are generally gaga over the application and that the game can be played on their Android based mobiles.