With windows 7‘s launch just around the corner, the phone is literally all over us. Microsoft’s untiring effort to push its marketing is showing. Its endless betas, previews, reviews and release candidates is almost raining down on us day in and day out. But the gaming picture is often getting ignored and side lined. Windows 7 boasts of a streamlined taskbar, an effective and smarter security system, slick touch based input features and much more. Not to forget the user friendly approach to the media hub design management, this is sure to be a hit. But whether the gaming experience will be just as great is something still not very clear.

Microsoft gaming has a long and eventful history. It launched ‘games for windows’ back in 2006 which was hailed as the company’s ‘contract with gamers’. what it simply meant was that GFW-branded games would be made compatible with the 32 and 64 bit versions of XP,Vista (and now windows 7).It also came with parental control, which was a popular family friendly feature loved by all and sundry.

The initiative gained momentum in 2007, when it reached the phenomenally high target of having 38 GFW branded titles under its wings. The condition was not as good as that in 2008, as the no of title dropped to 34.Windows made games plummeted quickly. What’s the real reason is hard to be accurately diagnosed even by techies. What can be said is that the dearth of original and mainstream PC games has brought the drop. The problem also accounts to the fact that it takes a lot of big money to develop a top-notch PC game. And when big-wigs like Spore and F.E.A.R.2 fails, it is easy to be hesitant about even the most sure things.

Nine months has passed since Windows 7’s launch, and the bad memories of the poor performing Windows Vista is already getting dimmer with each passing day. Windows 7 has effectively smoothed out a lot in the software end. Additionally DirectX 11, Microsoft’s brain child has made the show even more attractive. However only, tessellation can be hailed as the biggest improvement it shows. It produces smoother curved surfaces by showing increased no. of polygons. It makes the walls and floors look exactly three dimensional even when you are watching a close up.cool, isn’t it?

Other DirectX 11 features that will draw attention are the multithreading-which increases the frame rates on multiword GPU equipped cards ,improved post processing –for effects like depth of field processing and heat distortion that are applied after an image is rendered, and last but not the least transparency which gives a smoother layered surface.

DirectX 11 is proving to give a much richer experience than what the DX10 gave immediately after its release. You will have to use some of the DirectX 11 enabled games like Call of Pripyat,Arkham Asylum and Dirt2 to see it for yourself. All said and done, the hard truth remains the fact that PC gaming may compete with the consoles if its a question of performance, but when it comes to  price, most are not ready to shell out the sky high amount for the former. It can fairly be concluded that Microsoft has to go a long way before making Windows 7 the ‘dominant PC gaming platform’.