Now launched across America and Europe, Windows Phone 7 brings with  many new and unique features that seem to be designed only for gaming. Being the crux  of Microsoft’s marketing plan, it is presented modestly. If you are a gamer, and care about your increase of scores, you would have to fill up the Xbox with your friends’ names and if you like to dip for quick games, you would have Windows Phone 7 in your kitty.

You find the OS very pleasing and up to your choice in customizing pretty quickly your desktop after a short while of touring the software. Windows 7 makes everything accessible with the same commands. It is mostly successful with the majority of applications yet the Windows button takes the users back to the dashboard without exiting the other application and is a godsend for multi tasking.

The normal presentation of the Operating system is a pinning system where almost anything can be pinned to the desktop. Be it immediate updates, direct access or simply to remember, all can be accommodated on the desk. Mostly, messaging and phone options are required features in the lead, it works like a PDA with windows 7 OS on it. Offered are the I E, Xbox LIVE as well as MS Office are the most immediate applications available on it.

As IE is the sole browser for this OS(till date) it performs the job adequately well. Videos on YouTube are also supported through the free application download although much lighter applications and moving images are not available on it.

Office functionality covers a compact version of One Note with MS Word, Power Point, Excel as well as Share Point functions. Being designed as a complementary home systemits file types are compatible and on the go it is reassuredly similar to PC functions. Providing the gamers with a miniature version of first class game network, Windows Electronic Theatre ImagePhone 7 connects straight away to your friends and also has features of Gamer’s scores and achievements.

The version of Xbox LIVE tiles turns a full motion-sequence as well as automatic updates. The players can have their Avatar put up on the phone and make one for their friends too. The avtars are loadable when you open the profile of your friends. Messaging is also available be SMS or MMS or on social networks. You can set what avtars you like best. These are loaded and ready for use when you open the profile.

With these functions, this version of Xbox live turns out to be a sizzler. Its automatic updates keep it going and you do not have to download or buy any updates. With the messaging availability, it makes this version very much an in-demand product. With the availability of Office functions, it is perhaps coveted software and is chalking up big numbers in its demand curve. More and more people are going for the Xbox in its latest version and find it very good in fact quite an excellent bit of software.