Nyko has been a manufacturer of different gaming accessories for various gaming consoles since 1996. It has produced a number of gaming remote controls like “Wand”, a replacement of Nintendo Wii remote controller (also known as a Wii-mote). “Wand+” and “Kama” are also made by Nyko for use with Wii. The charge station available for Nyko could replace the ordinary batteries of Wii controller with rechargeable batteries, providing you longer gaming experience. In this article, you will find new releases of Nyko that are changing the gaming world:

The Feud

As the battle between game console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft continues to get heated, the debate concerning the controllers also seems to be heading towards the same state. For years, Sony’s PlayStation Empire and Microsoft’s Xbox gaming kingdom have kept consumers in constant division. Their newest consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3), have proved that both companies are capable of providing extraordinary gaming experiences. One of the main differences that consumers debate are the input devices provided by the two companies. Consumers may have had to choose between the consoles based on their controller preference, until Nyko came along and leveled the playing field (at least for PS3 lovers).

Nyko’s Solution

Recently, Nyko released a new set of wireless game controllers for PS3. The controllers are called Ravens and closely resemble the controllers Nyko previously made for the Xbox 360 console. Nyko exhibited these products at the 2010 E3 Gaming Expo. There are two versions of this controller; one is designed like the conventional PS3 controller while the other resembles the D-pad with the left-stick in the Microsoft Xbox 360’s controllers. By releasing the two versions of these controllers, Nyko has provided PS3 users with more options for their game-playing endeavors. PS3 users can now use controllers that functions like that of the Xbox 360 as well as the conventional PS3 controller, depending on their preference.

Topping it all off!

Nyko has also created a Play Station Move Charge Station, also available in two different models. You can buy a Charge Station that has the capacity to charge two controllers or you can opt for a grander charging solution, which is capable of charging four controllers at the same time.

You may be a PS3 supporter and argue that that Sony’s input device surpasses that of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. However, it is also possible that you prefer the layout of the Xbox 360 controller. With Nyko’s new release, this divide in preference will not affect your decision to choose on console over another. The Raven product has not only given more options to PS3 users, but can potentially attract Xbox 360 users to Sony’s console. Gamers can also decide on which controller to use depending on the type of game they choose to play. Where some games are easily controllable with the conventional PS3 layout, the Xbox 360 layout in a controller can enhance the gameplay in other games.

With no doubt, Nyko’s new releases for the PS3 console will change the way gamers consider their options and make decisions. We will have to wait to see if Nyko will provide the same versatility for Xbox 360 users.