Microsoft has released the pricing information for its Kinetic console in the US and Europe.It is has been decided to launch this in USA on November 4 and 10th of November  is the date when it will be published in across the whole Europe. This new package presents the 250GB slim version of the Xbox 360 with the new fangled motion tracker and a spare conventional controller. Do you think that’s the end then you are wrong. The best part is that it has a copy of the unavoidable Kinect series adventures. This is the newest incorporation in this. We can surely say gaming sensation reloaded again. Interested in an Xbox 360 Slim which packs a stunning 250GB hard drive and bundles with Kinect. As this bundle is apparently a special edition so do not expect too many of them on the store shelves, it is also a limited time offer, so if you are interested you would better purchase it pretty quickly not wasting any time.

This bundle will contain the usual contents also, the 250GB slim game console, Kinect sensor and a copy of Kinect Adventures as the special punctuation. If you are planning to purchase an Xbox 360 with the Kinect punctuation then this bundle may be just perfect for you, as that 250GB spaced hard drive does make the offer a lot more mouth watering. Or you may be looking to upgrade to this version from an older Xbox 360 model and are planning on buying Kinect special edition, then also you may want to check this Kinect bundle Xbox  360 slim with 250 GB, as it could save you some money in the long run and also please your gaming fantasies.  This 250 GB hard drive is just too perfect for downloading and saving High Definition movies, games, special add-ons for the games, you favorite music and much more.

You can also move content from one console to another. You can easily connect to the Xbox LIVE and play with friends full all over the world as it has a built in Wi-Fi system that gives us an experience a world class entertainment. Its bold design and glossy black finish makes it really hot. New Xbox 360 runs in a whisper quiet mode, letting you to play games and watch your movies without the slightest interference. The preloaded Kinect series involves two exclusive levels of Rallyball made for this version, the “Chomper” and the “Twisters”, where you can challenge waves of spinning and chomping Rallyball patterns. Another exclusive level of the Reflex Ridge “Champion ” where you dodge the obstacles and collect pins and race against the time and this not the end as you will get an exclusive Kinect adventure helicopter  prop for your avatar only. This special addition will be available to you only if you place a pre order. So don’t waste your time this limited offer won’t be in the shops for long. Happy gaming with Xbox360 slim.