Microsoft is a company that is popular worldwide for its various programs and Xbox is one of them. Xbox is famous gaming console and it’s getting use in all over the world. In Xbox you can play high definition games with a great quality.

Microsoft emerge to be getting ready to apply what it hopes will be strangle hold on Google TV in the royal war to win access to our living rooms. The software giant Microsoft has held talks with unnamed media companies to license TV networks for a new online pay television subscription service through devices like its Xbox video game console. It must irk Microsoft to no end that Google TV is being striking displayed at the best buy in time for the holiday shopping season, and is getting lots of buzz in the tech and mainstream press. Microsoft Corporation has two established offerings which are capable of delivering rich TV sports and movie programming into your home the first is Xbox Live and the Second is Windows Media Center.

In Xbox console you can create a Xbox Live Gold account by which you can get access to 3,500 live and on demand channels like ESPN and you can get instant streaming of thousands of HD movies and TV shows in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound from top studios and networks via the Zune store You can also use his Xbox remote control and you can get nifty Xbox on screen user interface by that you can access all of Netflix’s online programming as well as you can get Facebook, Twitter and last but not the least you can get FM.

If you are not a gamer then you could choose to get access to all of those famous services via a Windows Media Center PC. This is a version of Windows with a TiVo like application and HD television receiver built in. Microsoft impressed experts like Rob Enderle a principal analyst at the Enderle group with the latest version of Windows Media Center.

Enderle says that Windows Media Center will be more capable than Google TV; Microsoft is trying to attempts to land more high profile programming partners. Microsoft is attempting to team up with Miramax as a supplier of exclusive Google TV content.

Microsoft refused to comment on the Reuters report, but the senior director of public relations for Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business Mr. Jose Pinero noted that the software giant is no Johnny come lately to the home entertainment space.

Pinero says that they are delivering premium experiences today through a combination of software and services. Microsoft is committed to delivering the entertainment that you want with the people you can care about, it’s made simple.

By this above Article you can get knowledge about news that Xbox Live grapples with Google TV for access to your living room.