If you are a video game fanatic then you would surely have heard of Zynga.  For people who do not indulge much in online games, for them also knowing about Zynga is not a problem. If you are an avid net user and surf through facebook and Myspace then you wll noice ther a re many games online that are played so religiously by users. They are all developed by Zynga. Zynga is a Web based social network game developer located in San Francisco, California, United States.The company develops browser-based games that work both stand-alone and as application widgets on social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace.

Zynga – The online game leader
Online game lovers who are literally addicted to the online games will vouch for the games that have been developed by Zynga. And for all you Zynga fans this piece of information will enthrall you to no end. Zynga recently acquired Tokyo-based Company Unoh which is one of Japan’s leading social games companies. Zynga and SoftBank group have a joint venture to give thrust to Zynga’s mobile product efforts. Unoh will be part of this effort of Zynga. This acquisition will accelerate Zynga Japan’s entry into the Japanese social gaming market. Unoh is already a renowned company in Japan and are one of the pioneers of Japan social gaming market. Unoh has been able to produce innovative and successful online games and have a decent following. Hence this acquisition will strengthen Zynga’s already strong base and will facilitate the entry into the Japan market. Zynga Japan is a step towards capturing the online market in Japan and further spreading the horizon with some innovative games and to bolster the mobile gaming market as well. Zynga Japan joint venture between SoftBank Group and Zynga. Their aim is to develop, distribute and support social games in Japan.
Softbank – The technology leader
SoftBank is a leading technology company which deals in broadband infrastructure, fixed-line telecommunications, and mobile communications services in Japan. Zynga is obviously expert in this field. Hence this venture is generating a lot of enthusiasm and people are expecting something unique from them. Zynga has more than 230 million monthly active users who play FarmVille, Treasure Isle, Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars, YoVille, Café World, FishVille, PetVille and FrontierVille.
The Joint Venture
With the already strong fan base of Zynga world wide and the good track record of SoftBank in Japan the expectations are high. With Zynga also having developed games in iPhones, a lot is  expected out of this. This joint venture seems a winner from the start and we hope that it is as millions of fans worldwide are waiting for Zynga Japan’s next move. With the mobile game development the future and the probable extension of online games the step seems to be a clincher and with Unoh also being pioneers in their own field we can expect a unique product being launched soon.