Social game publishing company Zynga, have recently stated that they have bagged more than 20 million users. Launched on June 9th, this means that the new product has been gaining an average of 4 million users per week. Only 13 days after it was released, Zynga reported that their new game had hit the 5 million mark of daily active users.

FrontierVille, the Wild West themed game is the latest bid from Zynga in their quest to remain the dominant providers in the social game world on Facebook where Zynga has users numbering to their hundreds of millions. FrontierVille will be a lifeline for Zynga if it will have to stay top of the game in gaining new users even as its older games lose users. Currently, the new game is Zynga’s third largest product after FarmVille which recorded 64 million users and Texas HoldEm Poker which had 28 million users.

A growing Market.

Social site Facebook was a real booster for Zynga with FarmVille and Mafia wars with a total of 211 million active monthly users. But according to AppData, this number is down from 252 million users in April. As if Facebook was not enough for marketing their products, Zynga is now expanding to other sites. FarmVille, which was previously a favorite on Facebook, is now available on MSN-ier sites.

To add to the list, Yahoo said on Wednesday 14th July that online social games from Zynga are coming to Yahoo sites. This was announced at its annual investor’s conference in Sunnyvale that it had just entered into a partnership with Zynga.

“The partnership will enable more than 600 million users to access the games world wide across all Yahoo web properties including its homepage, mail, games and messenger.”

On the same note, Russian internet company Digital Sky Technologies (DST) and other investors have just raised 180 million dollars as funds for Zynga. The game publisher stated on Wednesday that it had raised 180 million dollars and that most of it was from DST.


Much like its predecessor, FrontierVille is a light casual game that you play with your friends. It has a frontier theme, which allows you to create a homestead in the wilderness and in the course of time, grow it to a bustling frontier town. Since the basis of it is being a family game, its target is everyone.

It has a calm ‘family’ setting and therefore it is aimed at having more farm activities rather than shooting guns and killing each other.

The most popular activities in the game include creation of virtual families with a customized virtual spouse. Also, there is the social aspect of hiring your neighbor to work on your land which has become very popular. With recent declines on the side of FarmVille, FrontierVille has helped give Zynga a sigh of relief at its headquarters in San Francisco California.


For FrontierVille, the design was championed by chief game designer Brian Raynold, a specialist from the traditional game industry. The game is a debut title for Zynga East, a good start for the company’s new game studio in Baltimore.