Zynga, known for its simulation and role-playing games like CityVille and Farmville is turning towards other genres with the intention of broadening its audience reach.
Lately, Zynga launched its third arcade title for Facebook, called as ‘Ruby Blast’. Earlier examples of arcade games by Zynga, include Bejeweled, Meteos and Puzzle Quest.
The newest title is a fun, social, fast, and graphically enticing game that invites players to match gems, excavate a gem mine, and activate power-ups to beat their friends’ score. Made by Zynga China and Zynga Seattle studios, this match-three game follows the brave archeologist Ruby in speed into the lowest points of an ancient mine to uncover hidden treasure.
Currently the game is available in 15 different languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, and Dutch. Ruby Blast is free to play and is available on Facebook and Zynga.com.