Google+, the new bonanza comes up with a ‘Gender’ which is not a male or female. Google has thus one more option for the gender criterion, i.e. the “Other”. This option in some ways is helpful, as a company or organization can never be female or male or a group can only belong to the category of ‘others’. Thus according to users, as more of corporate thought they might have created such design decision.

Still people are in dilemma why Google+ wants to add an entity rather than an individual. Identifying a gender is not binary and it’s not according to the biological sex too, so some may find this a bit irrelevant. Merely lying about the sex, as you cross dress does not make any sense too. And sex and gender are considered two different things by many. But as there are benefits, there are also many defects publicizing the gender as many may misuse it. At first it was assumed that whatever be the gender it will be publicized, but later it was announced by the Google team that the gender will be concealed from the public which became prominent news in the channels in US like Chicago Sun times, ABC News Radio and others like Austin American Statesman.
At first, the news spread via Frances Haugen, who is the product manager who proclaimed the alteration in his post as well as the video which exposed that it would take its effect only in a week’s time. According to her, “Gender is truly a delicate topic and particularly in the internet”.

Thus requesting for gender is helpful to customize the Google+ particularly in languages other than English with the help of manly and womanly forms. If by chance, gender is made private, Google+ will only use phrases like they rather than his or her. Thus, it is fine tuned in such a way to represent an immediate privacy–sensitive shift by Google, which will also be helpful for companies. According to product manger of Google, Christian Oestlian, “At the moment, we are not providing any help or nor favoring any organization, brands or entity who are not human”. He also added that Google is taking away some of the non-personal accounts other than those that will be used for testing the thoughts”. The organization Ford still being in the list, while others got removed is manifestly one of those which are still in the test stage.
According to Bradley Horowirz, who is the vice president in the product management team told on behalf of Google+ that, “For the time being, we are not encouraging businesses to take on any of the consumer profiles, but we have found the critical assessment and will clearly think about what we can do next to solve the problem along with building optimum experiences”. Oestlain told that Google is planning to introduce Google+ corporate accounts around the end of this year.