There’s good news for the music lovers. Google has brought to you Google Magnifier, its fully loaded music discovery site that will make you, music buffs to stay tuned all the time.  It is a full fledged music mine with all that you will look for regarding the same, including the music of your choice, artist interviews, live performances & an extraordinary opportunity to explore the music world to the fullest. But the main feature is its music storage service that will enable the user for online storage of music along with a never ending capability to discover & look for the exact choice that you are looking for. It is an overall music storing software with enormous capabilities & varieties that will never cease to amaze you up.

The loaded music tracks are exclusively free services. As far as the moves of its competitors are concerned, it is an initiative to differentiate its Music Beta service from competitors such as Amazon’ Cloud Music and Apple’s forthcoming iCloud service, which are going to be launched very shortly. But if we will compare the music storage device of Google with others we will find more in the former one. It will give some of the unique opportunities to its users regarding music storage & uploading new songs online. It is very user friendly along with some features which will make its users very comfortable in searching & uploading online music as well as downloading the same to their mobiles & iPods. Along with all the concerned services discussed above, Google will mark the start up of each week with the performance of different artists, starting with My Morning Jacket, on Thursday this week.

For getting access to these live performances & programs, a Google account is required for the user which will be named as Google Music Account. In addition to it the user will have an unlimited access to new music & performances everyday.

But the main & perhaps the most important requirement of Google is a valid license for music. The concept of magnifier is just like the first initiative without license. If there is a license for Google music, it will enable the users to upload all the music that they want to the music locker at a time. It will be very convenient & easy for the users in comparison to loading songs individually. It will also make finding songs online easier by scanning the music library of the users against a database of huge number of songs. The movement of gathering a license for the same can be remote sensed since right for now, Google is giving away free music to its users.