If you are already using Google+,then you will be aware of the tips,tracks.features and other new things about Google+.

Dealing with all other acccounts of Google is spoling the adoption of Google+

So Google+ needs a profile of Google and currently Google application users, that is, those who are at the work domain or in the private sharing, does not have access to the profile of Google. All need to be changed; otherwise the users will be bothered, because it will be difficult for them to tackle Google Apps account as well as this new profile. Though they allow the users to switch amongst the accounts, this process has not yet been in use.

One best solution to solve the above problem is to create a Google+ desktop application. With the help of Mac application like Fluid or with the help of Firefox extension and Web runner you can generate a distinct web browser which is committed particularly to Google+. This web browser can be introduced just like any other application

With the buzz of Google around, the preliminary steps which are needed for the creation of Google+ application are much more similar like Web Runner in spite of Mozilla Prism which was once used.

FireFox 5 Usage in Windows, Mac and Linux

Go to the Web Runner web page of the project and install all the extensions. Start the Firefox again and go behind the Google+ application in the web browser. Below the tools menu in the application tools bar, you can choose the ‘Create Web Runner App’ and just give the details as below: which have the standard URL Name: https://plus.google.com/up/start/?continue=

Give the Name as ‘Google Plus’ and click on the options like Show Menubar, Enable Navigation keys. You can also create shortcuts to application folder. You even have the option of using your own icon taken from the application folder.

Now you can launch and use Google+ from your applications folder.

Usage of Mac app Fluid

Users of Mac app Fluid can now enjoy the features of it, where it has got the ability to store the cookies distinctly from Safari, which means that Google accounts that you are using in Safari will not even affect whatever the accounts you are applying in the web application and it has got the capacity to use the scripts of user.

In order to create a rich Google+ desktop application along with Fluid incorporated, try out the below procedure:

  • Download Fluid and Install in your PC
  • Open the Fluid and give the details and do the settings and give Location as Applications .For the picture, you can choose anything that you want.
  • When you press the Create button the application is launched and you can have your own Google+ sample.

In order to customize the applications of Fluid with additional features like the capacity to use distinct cookies which is must for the users of Google Apps, you need to add a special script which will help you whenever there is a notification, which needs an extra charge of $4.99, but it can be useful for several other sites too.

If you open the preferences in the Google+ application and Choose Security, you can do the settings to enable plug-ins, JavaScript, and you can also block the pop ups you receive. By restarting your application, the desktop app. will work fine. You can even select “Userscripts” from the Windows menu in the application which is developed by James Farewell. You just need to copy and paste the user script code from the website userscripts.org of James.