Before we start discussing about the updates of Chrome let’s try to look back at history and try to find out what is Google Chrome. Since the launch of Google Chrome on September 2, 2008 it has been growing with time. In December 11, 2008 when it was officially launched it had 1% of total market share. Thought it s believed Eric Schmidt never wanted to develop a new browser as he never felt of getting indulge in to Browser’s war. But Sergey Brin and Larry Page when showed him what their plans where he could not help but changed his mind.

With time Google Chrome has reached the 3rd Spot in the market with total market share of 23.16%. And it is believed is one of the most secured browser and not only faster but also more user friendly. And some of its advantage that has helped it to be more successful in such a short span of time is its flexibility. It can be used on MAC, Linux as well as Windows. Now with such a wide variety of presence it has been more prone to security risks. With inputs from its security team and also outside its security team, Google has been updating Chrome with the best possible updates. Google has a trend of releasing updates every six to seven weeks.  But this time the updates that have been released in response to the input received from outside of its security team are high on priority. Google has released a bundle of 30 updates together, out of which 23 Updates are either high or medium in risk level. Only seven of them are labeled as low. So our advice is if you happen to use Chrome please updates your browser because these updates are termed as second most serious updates in Google’s four step scoring system.

Most of these high risk updates are “Use-After-Free” bugs, which are believed to be used to prevent flaws related to injecting attack code. It is believed that Google paid $ 17,000 to 10 researchers who reported most of these vulnerabilities. With new releases few new features have also been added to the Chrome like Instant Pages. It is leant that it will not only reduce the time taken by you to open the website but will give you complete the freedom to chooses whether to keep the feature or not. If you feel like you can always opt out by going to Settings and then Advance and then uncheck the one that says Predict network action to improve page load performance. We would conclude with it. Hope the new feature of Chrome helps you to browse faster.