Internet Explorer i.e. INTERNET EXPLORER at time will not work and will either will not come up at all or will close down after few seconds.

STEP 1: We will try to launch Internet Explorer which is blue in color and is denoted by “e”.

STEP 2: In case it does not open try to open another browser like Mozilla fire fox or Google chrome to find if it is computer problem or just a softer ware (INTERNET EXPLORER) problem. This Step is optional it is not necessary to have another browser don’t worry if you don’t find one.

STEP 3: In case other browser are coming up try again with INTERNET EXPLORER if it still does not comes up please try to open INTERNET EXPLORER without any add-ons. Stat>All Programs> AccessorInternet Explorers > System Tools> INTERNET EXPLORER no addon.(Click  )

STEP 4: If you are able to open INTERNET EXPLORER without addon  the problem internet Explorers with the toolbar that you may have installed recently. If not able to open Internet Explorer go to STEP no. 12

STEP 5: If you want to uninstall the toolbar you  try to reset the browser. Hold the windows key +R. Windows key is the key on your keyboard with Microsoft flag on it. Beside Crtl and Shift.

STEP 6: You will get Run box put the command in the run box “inetcpl.cpl” without the quotes and then click on ok as it will bring up internet propertInternet Explorers box on the screen also called as internet option.

STEP 7: Once you get internet propertInternet Explorers it will look like a box which has many tabs on it like general, tools privacy.

STEP 8: Depending on the Version you are using follow the STEPs as there are different tab and their function are different and you can check the version of the internet explorer by going to Help in the menu and then click on the one that says About Internet explorer. It can be 6 and above. As Internet explorer 5 and below are no more used.

STEP 9: For INTERNET EXPLORER 6, and below go to the programs tab and at the bottom on the right hand side select Reset Web setting. But make sure that all the Internet Explorer windows are closed before doing this. And once the settings are reset try to browse the Internet Explorer.

STEP 10: For INTERNET EXPLORER 7 and above go to the Tab called Advance and then click on reset at the bottom above Apply and then OK. But again make sure that all the Internet Explorer windows are closed. And then try to launch Internet explore again.

STEP 11: This should make the browser work in case is still does not work it is being blocked by one of the application. So we will disable the startup programs and check which one of them is blocking them.

STEP 12: Get the run box again (STEP 5) and type msconfig. And this will bring up system configuration utility and thus we can disable the program that load on your computer when ever it is being restarted or turned on.

STEP 13: Please click on startup tab. Last one in Windows XP. For Windows Vista and 7 it should be the second last one from the right. Click on Disable All at the bottom and then Apply and then click Ok and restart the computer. This should resolve the problem. However in case you are still not able to get the INTERNET EXPLORER working. Follow the next STEP

STEP 14: Please uninstall the INTERNET EXPLORER. Depending up on the OS here are the following STEPs

STEP 15: For XP Control panel and then Add/ Remove program

STEP 16: Please find Internet Explorer and uninstall it. And then restart the computer.

STEP 17: For Vista please click on Program and Features. And look for Internet Explorer and uninstall it.

STEP 18: Once you restart it should be back to the default browser when the OS was installed, and should not face any further problem.