A renowned name in the world of networking, D-Link has finally revealed its foremost wireless router DIR-645
featuring the company’s patent SmartBeam technology. The most interesting aspect about SmartBeam technology is that it frequently monitors the signal power of all the interlinked devices to offer a seamless, uninterrupted, and steady wireless connection from any corner of the home.

With DIR-645, D-Link has made a remarkable comeback. Made in an eye-catchy piano black cylindrical design, this latest D-Link router uses as many as six smart multi-directional antennas for tracking wireless devices like IP cameras, media players, wireless laptops, printers, etc. It significantly enhances the quality of the signals and helps avert any sort of interruption from other wireless networks near the area.

Andrew Mulholland, marketing manager of D-Link UK & Ireland, said, “SmartBeam is a genuine breakthrough in addressing the range and (by association) speed problems of 802.11n, boasting strong and stable Internet connection in every corner of your house.” He also added, “Furthermore, the router’s cutting edge design means that users will be happy to have it sitting at the heart of their homes.”

What’s more? D-Link DIR-645 incorporates WPS security and supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). It also featuresDigital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certified built-in media serverthat makes sharing multimedia applications and content extremely simple. Its SharePort technology further makes sure that devices like printers can be easily connected with the router as well as shared by everyone on a Wi-Fi network.

In case you are thinking of buying this state-of-the-art router, it is available at a price of £80. D-Link says that it will produce more SmartBeam-based products in future.