Today world has become a smaller place due to technological advancements. Everyone close to you is just a phone call or an email away. The convenience of writing to any person sitting at any corner of the world and them getting the message within seconds of it has made almost everyone addicted to it. However it is said that every coin has two sides and so even though it is convenient it may actually harm your computer and may make some non-repairable damages. Some emails have attachments that include viruses and can harm your computer security. In case you aren’t careful in reading the warning before opening any message your computer may be destroyed. To prevent this from happening you can update the antivirus and then open any messages. Your antivirus will scan the email for any virus before opening it if it programmed to scan all incoming messages and attachments.

If the email is from someone you know personally then it may be safe to open it, even though a scan should be done as a precautionary measure. But in case it is from someone you don’t even know or have never talked to before it may be a threat to your pc. Emails with sub headings such as “Re: your archive” can be dangerous too. Also be careful in downloading program files as they can easily harm your hard disk. Odd subjects and email content should be avoided in general to be safer. Viruses these days can even send you messages that appear as if they have been sent from your near and dear ones. So keep the runtime scan on at all times.

Suppose any person you know has sent you an email then only open the email if it was expected. Otherwise it may also be a message from above mentioned virus. Also before downloading the attachment check the content of the email and make sure they have valid points for you to open the attachment. If you seem doubtful after reading it delete it immediately and check to see if your computer’s runtime scan is working fine to ensure your computer was safe. If you find the email safe then open it.

Also one wise thing to do when you receive an unexpected email from someone is to exit that email, compose a new email and send it to that person asking whether it is really he or she who has sent the text. If you get a positive reply then open the email but in case of a negative reply delete the previous email forever. While writing to the respective person make sure you create a new email and don’t write the email while reply option given in the email.

Emails that are dangerous to your computer are usually sent out in junks. These junk messages often have subject line that is very weird. They are sometimes a jumble of words and characters making no sense. Subjects such as “Important”, “Reply soon”, and “Nude Photos of Celebrities” are general taglines from some very dangerous Trojan virus. If any attachment has two extensions such as photo.jpeg.exe then such files are viruses. There are no such extensions that are commonly sent.

So the wisest thing to do is to make sure your antivirus is updated and running to scan all attachments before downloading.