The exuberance was lost when the recent news from Hollywood came that the Fox Network which was handled by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation declared that the networks will commence specifying Web access of programs of TV to audience who subscribed to involving cable and satellite providers for TV of which Dish TV is the one which has been signed so far or readers to Hulu Plus which is the site’s subscription service which charges some fees. If you did not paid any one of these ,then you need to wait for about 8 days to look out the episodes of similar Fox shows as ‘Glee’ as well as ‘Bones’.
The decision taken by Fox may not be appealing as the free content download is now gone, but its classic example of a trend which is along the year. The studios as well as the networks belonging to television are abandoning the Web Distribution on the basis of advertisement support. They want to subdue the perception that the Internet as one of the opening to cut-price content. Rather, content creators are efficiently bending the Web into an annex of the robust cable industry.
All across the web the subscription prices are on the hike at Netflix and Hulu also started the previous year and forcing extra content behind the payment structure and now the companies who are all backing the service are attempting to trade the portal. A slick streaming service is developed by HBO and iPad application services that deliver all the beneficial parts of Internet delivery furnished with it, but you need to be a cable customer and also a subscriber of HBO. Though it is part of TV, it is not much dissimilar in Hollywood. The previous year, Netflix corresponded to hold back hiring newly released CD/DVD’s for about 28 days for such studios like Warner Bros, NBC Universal and 20th century Fox. The deal was structured to assist and promote disc sales.
One of the prime analyst at the organization Frost and Sullivan named Dan Rayburn says, “Selected studios think to try out and extend the duration only to about 28 days ,thus the windows will appear for sales during that days and they even talked and fixed the deals with the Netflix and evidently the windows enhanced sales. According to New York Times, “Many of the networks like ABC as well as other broadcasters stood behind the decision taken by fox by wiping off some of its contents in the same manner”. You can also see that some major networks like HBO as well as Major League Baseball content will never be available free online as per the legislations and it is quite unlikely that this would change as you need to cross the payment wall to take their content and thus these networks are working fine.