Using wireless internet these days at home is just like home phones in 80’s. They are very important so much that even a slow internet connection makes us furious. Using Wireless internet is not always fast and can make interne to work slow. Today we will discuss something similar to that. We will discuss steps to improve the performance of the home network.

Step 1: Please make sure you have placed your router or modem in an open area as heavy furniture at times can create problem,So keeping them in the middle of your house and in open area is a better way to make sure you are able to connect to the router.

Step 2: Please make sure that there isno high frequency equipment like Cordless Phone or any other high frequency equipment around it may not be a problem in many cases but can cause problem for once-ubiquitous 2.4GHz wireless Band. Try switching channels in case it does not work.

Steps 3: However, if you do not find correct result, we would suggest you some more handy tips. Please open the firmware of your modem or router (whichever you use for wireless).  You can find default gateway of your computer with the help of the command prompt and using msconfig. Once you open the firmware or the router page using the default gateway, please browse to the wireless setup or Wireless setting and look for Wireless network mode.If by defaultit is set asMixed, please change it to G-Only.Also, change the password of your wireless router occasionally just to make sure that your network has not been compromised.

Step 4: Not only tweaking the router is a solution but you can also make changes to your computer. Please update the drivers of your wireless card, which you can find on the manufacturer website or just go to the device manager and then right click on the wireless card and update it.

Step 5:In case none of the above makes much difference, I would suggest you to make some changes to the network adapter. Network adapters come with the default setting of QoS and so on,we will change it to better and faster interface.  Please go to the control panel and then click on the one called system and then look for the hardware tab and then click on the device manager (for vista and Windows 7 device manager is available in control panel). In device manager under network adapter, double click on the one that says wireless card. And then make the following changes.

  • Mixed more protection – Please use CTS-to-self which would be in advance tab. This will make the speed faster since you are in a small home network
  • Power Management –you may use the highest value available, because this will make your card work faster. You might want to choose a medium or low setting if you want extended battery life though.
  • Roaming Aggressiveness – Use either the medium or the lowest value in a home setting, so that your card won’t keep searching for new connections, it’ll just stay happy with the network in your home and won’t connect to your neighbour’s network.
  • Throughput Enhancement –Please make sure you enable throughput enhancement to have the fastest speeds.
  • Transmit Power – Use the highest option to connect to your network properly and get the fastest speeds