One of the leading firm and organization in the world today is none other than Microsoft. This is because of the yearlong service and quality product that the firm has provided to its customers. No other organization has stayed so long at the top most position in the international market. The reputation and the service speak its self. The main purpose of the company is to provide software to the users that are user-friendly and very economical. The firm is famous for the operating system that it launches. The various operating systems are Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Till date Windows 7 is the latest operating system. And now Microsoft is about to launch the newer version of Windows, Windows 8.

In this newer version of the windows, the firm has decided to add a fresh and exciting feature related to the voice recognition. Though Microsoft has started showing the demonstration of how the present technologies work to the customers and users but still the coming technology is a mystery. Here the main intention of Microsoft is to make the input and output systems more advanced. All the inputs will be through the voice recognition instead of the mouse and keyboard. It is also confirmed that this version of the windows is HTML based. So the developers can use HMTL5 speech tag to develop the Application softwares for the operating system. The technical team has decided to be more forward and let their technology reach almost every person. To do this the operating system will not only recognize the speech but will have the ability to understand conversational scenarios. This is actually making the system more advanced and comfortable. The only thing a user has to perform is to verbally command the computer in normal and simple language.

The Bing search that is of Microsoft will be more personalized and effective. Any search that will be conducted will be only through these search engines. Just like if any customer has to find an old friend and fix a get together, then the user just has to say the same thing verbally and the rest work is done by the system. The system searches for the person on various social networking websites and then contacts them to say the same thing you have said. These all things are making the market more competitive and the other firms and organizations inspired. There are various other features that Microsoft is planning out to have in the newer version of windows, thus making the customers satisfied and happier. This is also one of the features that makes the firm different from the others in this field and also gives the reason why the customers and users should opt for Microsoft. This also shows the dedication and hard work that the company is putting in to earn royalty and respect.