Many users prefer to use more than one monitor so that they can work on more than one windows or application. For example you are working on words, Outlooks and Mozilla Firefox together and want to view them simultaneously so what can you do is connect three different monitors or screen and then open the in their respective screens. But what if you open one of this application or software and it comes up on the third screen where as you want it to open on the first one. You will have to drag it again and again. One would save lot of time if it could remember the location where it was opened last time and open on the same screen until we change it next time. Well almost all the applications are supposed to remember their location and will open in their respective screen where you had assigned them last. But in recent time it has been observed that Fire Fox has been giving users some trouble for the same.

We have a easy resolution which will help you to resolve this problem for ever. Please follow these Steps to get rid of the problem.

Step 1: Please launch Firefox and let it load once. Once it’s loaded completely then please make sure it is on the wrong screen. In case it has come up on the correct screen please close it again and launch Firefox again. One you see it on the wrong screen please follow the STEP 2:

STEP 2: Beside the red “X” used to close Firefox you would find another rectangular box. It is used to reduce the size of the Firefox from full screen to any shorter size. Please click on it. It will reduce the size of Firefox from full screen to may be half of the screen or marginally smaller than full screen.

STEP 3: One you are done with the STEP 2: Please Drag it to the correct screen and then close it down by clicking on the red cross. Once it is closed launch it gain to check if we have resolved the problem.

One you have resolved the problem you may ask why you were facing this problem. It has nothing to do with your computer or Operating System. It is a bug with Firefox 4. So you can fix your problem with the above steps. Hoper Firefox  corrects this problem with Firefox 5